Help us create a fun German Lab!

At the German Lab, we are looking for new members that are willing to work with us as student assistants (SA).

The German Lab SA is a long-term internship rather than a short term part time job. You will be able to dive head first into the German education at SFC, solving problems with initiative and working together with other SAs in order to create a better learning environment.

In addition, SAs are responsible for planning freshmen-welcoming parties, setting up a stall at the Tanabata and Autumn Festivals, holding Christmas events, etc.

Find your strength

The SAs at the German Lab have diverse strengths and skills. Those skills include art, identifying issues, problem solving, IT… Your unique talents may be just what we have been looking for.

By working with us at the German Lab, you may also develop new skills to reach your full potential.


Q. How can I become an SA at the German Lab?

At the end of each semester, we send out emails regarding SA recruitment to students taking classes at the Intensive 3-level or higher. If you are interested in becoming an SA, follow the instructions of the email and fill out an interview sheet, then send it to the email address provided. If you don’t currently take classes at the Intensive 3 (or higher) level, but have done so in the past, please come visit us at the German Lab (λ410).

Q. Do I need any qualifications or skills to become an SA?

The skills needed are Intensive 3 level German and basic IT skills.

Q. I have more questions…

Come visit us at the German Lab (λ410)!