Enrich your German-learning with the “Modelle” programme!

Discovering the “Now” of German Speaking Countries

German is used as the official language in countries including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, and Luxemburg, and is the most widely spoken language in Europe. German speaking countries are not only well known for their literature, philosophy, and music, but they also inspire us in fields significant to our daily lives such as urban design, industrial design, environmental policies, and issues surrounding immigrants and refugees. In addition, German speaking countries are the perfect place for those who are interested in studies of communication in multilingual and multicultural societies, and language policy. Some may also be interested in the rebuilding of society of German speaking countries after the Second World War. German articles for sports such as football  and ski may also be a great gateway into German speaking culture. Here at SFC, we focus on discovering the “now” of German speaking countries.


Worried that German will be too difficult for you? That may be because you have only experienced learning languages in grammar-focused classes. Here at SFC, we strive for the acquisition of practical German through communication-focused classes. Especially in the beginner-level classes, we will focus on topics and situations relevant to SFC students, acquiring short key sentences and vocabulary, and thinking of grammar as more of a supplementary tool.

In the Intensive and Basic courses, you will acquire the basics of German. The “Modelle” textbooks used in these courses were designed with extensive planning and thought put in by the faculty of the SFC German Lab. The video materials and textbooks used are the culmination of various learning materials that have been used over the years at SFC. We also have various online learning materials that can be used outside class time with electronic devices such as your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

The main aim of the Intensive 1 and 2 courses is for you to be able to speak about yourself in German. The video sketches that are at the heart of these courses allow you to develop your German based on your everyday lives as SFC students. After one year of studying German at SFC,  you will be able to express your opinions and talk about your daily lives in German. Furthermore, in Intensive 3, the video sketches focusing on the topic of “life in German speaking countries” will allow you to learn about local customs and culture and further develop your German communication skills through the acquisition of necessary phrases and learning strategies.

After completing Intensive 3, you will be able to further improve your German skills in the Skill and Contents courses. We also encourage you to apply for the short-term overseas study programme. After the programme, you will also have the chance to apply for a one year overseas exchange programme or a short-term fieldwork trip with a scholarship. At SFC, you will be able to learn German in a fun, yet fulfilling environment and go onto acquiring practical communication skills that can be used in real life.