This programme allows you to study at a university in a German speaking country for one year. Keio University currently has student exchange partnerships with over 30 universities in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland at which you can study as an exchange student. Applications are accepted from the end of November each year. Depending on the university, scholarships are also available.

The credits received at the university overseas will be accepted as viable credits, in relation to the courses offered at Keio University. The combined application of a short term overseas study programme and a student exchange programme is also possible. For graduate students, e-subjects that are held at SFC can be taken while studying overseas. For more information, please contact the SFC Administration Office.

You will be required to submit a research plan to apply for the exchange programme. Therefore, we advise you to check the syllabus for your university of choice in advance. The opportunity of studying overseas as an exchange student from Keio University is invaluable. Remember to plan ahead. We look forward to your applications. For more information, refer to the Keio University International Center website.

Every April and October, the German Lab holds information events for overseas study programmes. For further information outside these events, visit the German Lab (λ410) or contact us at doiken [at]