Twice a year, during the Summer and Spring holidays, you will have the opportunity to go to a German speaking country on a short-term study programme.

In the German short-term overseas study programmes, rather than everyone going to the same location and studying in the same course, you will select the location and the institution (such as a university in a German speaking country, IIK, BerlinID, Carl Duisberg Center, Goethe Institute), send in application forms, and go overseas by yourself. At the institution, you will study while staying at a student dorm or a youth hostel. Therefore, you will have numerous opportunities to utilise German in your daily life, and you will be able to improve your German immensely, in just a short period of time.

Since it will be the first time going overseas by yourself for many of you, we offer a preparation course as a skill subject (overseas study preparation course Tue. 3rd period). Students planning on going on the short-term overseas study programme should take this course.

You are able to apply for credits from your overseas study trips as “German overseas study B” (2 credits) or “German overseas study A” (4 credits).* Scholarships are also available.

*The requirements to apply for these courses are: completing the skill subject “overseas study preparation course”, selecting an overseas institution that fulfills class hours set by SFC, and being approved to take part in the short-term overseas study trip at a meeting. To receive credits for “German overseas study B” or “German overseas study A”, students must register for “German overseas study B” or “German overseas study A” in the following semester, and submit all of the following by the assigned due date:

  1. a copy of transcript of academic records or certificate of attendance issued by the overseas institution
  2. journal
  3. report of your fieldwork project