This course is designed for students who want to learn German intensively. There are three levels: Intensive 1~3 (G1, G2, G3), and Intensive 1 is designed for beginners. There are no qualifications required to take Intensive 1, and anyone who is interested in German is welcome. You will be using our original “Modelle” textbooks and the accompanying video and audio materials in class. One chapter is studied over the course of four classes, completing one chapter a week.

At SFC, we value the active use of German, so in the Intensive Courses, we don’t study German literature, or apply other traditional methods of learning. We focus on providing you with the ability to put your knowledge and vocabulary that you already have, to practical use, and being able to express your opinions and make someone agree with you. In Intensive 3, you will especially be able to grow your communication skills by having regular video call sessions with German university students.

After you have completed Intensive 3,  you will be able to talk about various situations and topics and express your own opinions relating to your fields of interest, such as politics, economics, society, history, and culture. You will also be prepared to acquire the skills necessary to go on a short-term overseas study programme.

Check the syllabus for each course below.