Skill classes are designed to develop your various German skills, and are an extension of the Intensive Course*. Skill classes can be taken after the completion of Intensive 3**. These classes aim to train your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills, and to improve your communication skills and strategy (G4, G5***). Some examples of Skill classes are: classes focusing on the improvement of discussion and presentation skills, essay writing classes, classes in which you acquire comprehension strategies, external language proficiency test (such as Goethe Institute examinations or the German Proficiency Test (Dokken)) preparation classes, short-term overseas programme preparation classes, etc.

*Some courses may not be offered in certain semesters.

**Students who have passed the foreign language qualification test may also take these classes. As an exception, the overseas study programme preparation course can be taken alongside Intensive and Basic Courses. In addition, the Skill class “Schreiben” (taught by Dagmar Kunst), as well as the language proficiency test preparation class (taught by Fujiko Ogasawara) can be taken after the completion of Intensive 2.

***There are two classes per week at the G4 and G5 levels. We recommend taking both classes as a set. Skill classes can be taken multiple times, but the lecturer’s permission is required to retake G4 and G5 classes.