Dear students wishing to take German related classes in the 2020 spring semester

※Updated 2020/4/27

Due to the spread of infections by COVID-19, all German related classes in the 2020 spring semester will be held online. The teaching staff are still unsure what form of classes is possible. However, we are preparing to provide classes that will match, or even exceed in quality of classes conducted face to face, including group work where necessary. Our philosophy, aiming to provide “useful German” through communication-based conversations and listening, remains unchanged.

Online Classes

As is the case with many other classes, German classes in the 2020 spring semester will be conducted online, via Webex Training.

In Intensive, Basic, German Skills (G4, G5, Schreiben) and German Contents (Regional Studies) classes, we will provide basic instructions on how to use Webex Training in the first class. Please read the SFC Online Classes Manual (For Students) beforehand. For further details, please refer to the “Current Student”.

Related Information ※Please check regularly for updated information

SFC Online Classes Support Page

SFC Online Classes Manual (For Students)


In Intensive and Basic German Classes, we use original textbooks “Modelle”, created by the staff at the German Lab.

As students are in principle prohibited from trespassing on SFC until June 10th, we kindly ask students to purchase the necessary textbooks on the textbook purchasing page accessible within the Keio Goods Online Shop
Shipping for textbooks is free.

Students taking Intensive 1, Basic 1, and Basic 2 are required to purchase “Modelle 1 neu”, students taking Intensive 2 are required to purchase “Modelle 2”, and students taking Intensive 3 are required to purchase “Modelle 3” (Click on the images below to jump to website).

※ If you are unable to purchase textbooks from the textbook purchasing page within the Keio Goods Online Shop because you are overseas, please go to to purchase your textbooks. However, is currently reducing its stock of books in favor of supplying everyday necessities, according to the company. As a result, many books, not just “Modelle“, are displayed as “Temporarily out of stock; arrival date undetermined” when you try to order them, but the publisher continues to ship them and you can order them. Don’t worry about the display, just order as is.

Announcement from the German Lab